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Versi-DredgeWhen you need your marina or waste pond cleaned Encore Dredging, Inc. can mobilize quickly to complete the dredging process with the best equipment in the business. Encore Dredging, Inc. uses the model 4010 IMS Versi-Dredge, the most productive and reliable hydraulic dredging system in the industry. The 4010 Versi-Dredge averages 80 - 100+ yards of sediment removal per hour; used for sand dragging, river dredging, port dredging, lake dredging, and marine dredging projects.

The 4010 Versi-Dredge is highly mobile with its patented Starwheel drive self-propulsion system that allows the dredge to navigate independently and without the need for cables or spuds. Weighing only 17,000 lbs., the 4010 Versi-Dredge can be easily highway transported and set up quickly at the job site, keeping mobilization costs to a minimum.